Our FDA Approved Laser Can Help!!

Pinpointe machine image

The FDA Approved Pinpointe Laser

The First Laser Treatment for Nail Fungus

The PinPointe Laser is a clinically proven laser device to treat toenail and fingernail fungal infections. We are proud to be one of the first Podiatrists in Pinellas County to offer this innovative laser toenail fungus treatment.
  • After a single treatment, 70-85% of patients experienced improvement.
  • No risks or side effects (such as liver damage) that can be seen with oral anti-fungal medications.
  • Higher cure rate than topical (20% cure rate) or oral (40% cure rate) anti-fungal medications.
  • Usually less expensive than the typical course of oral anti-fungal medications.
  • Convenient, comfortable, in-office procedure.
What is the treatment like and do I need to do anything before or after?
  • The PinPointe Laser Procedure takes only 20-60 minutes to perform and is usually completely painless.
  • No anesthetics or pain medication needed.
  • No down time.
  • We usually recommend treating all 10 nails, even if not all nails appear infected. This is because the other nails often carry the fungus within them and could become infected later. We can however treat just one foot or hand if the other side appears completely normal and you do not wish to prevent infection on the other side.